30 Month Update

The design of the gantry system has been completed and in the next quarter, trials will be carried out to implement the integration of the hardware and software. The end-effector is also ready for integration, but further optimisation is underway to improve data acquisition and inspection speed, and to reduce its size and weight.

The control software for the robot arm will also be integrated into the AutoDISC system.


The AutoDISC software can now detect defects automatically, and the development of A-scan visualisation is complete. New techniques for C-scan imaging will be used in the optimisation of the image-thresholding techniques currently used.
Work has been focussed on the integration of hardware and software (control, signal processing and image processing) for operational trials of the AutoDISC gantry system. The offline analysis functionality has also been trialled. Partners were shown a video of the inspection system in operation. Further optimisation of the system, in terms of defect recognition (via ultrasonic testing) in real-life scenarios, will be performed in the coming three months.